Mergers and Acquisitions: 7 Steps to Realign Your Travel Program

The only certainty in today’s climate, whether we are talking business, politics or indeed the climate, is uncertainty. And yet, while it is generally understood that a stable environment propels mergers and acquisitions (M&A), a close examination of recent trends and data suggests that deals are stronger than ever. M&A activity in Europe, the Middle East and Africa hit an 11-year high this year, with a total of $90.8 billion dollars recorded during January alone (Thomson Reuters). Meanwhile, with the U.S. market still a favored destination, chief executives around the world are rising to the challenge brought upon them by limited organic growth options; encouraging M&As that will help their businesses boost profits, cut costs, and even enter new markets when appropriate.

While it is not surprising that the technology industry is the most active transactor of M&A deals, it is prudent that all companies within all industries prepare themselves for change. One department that needs particular focus? Travel. We asked our clients who recently went through M&A to share their tips on how to adjust travel program. Download this whitepaper to get their advice on:

  • how to realign your goals during mergers and acquisitions
  • what steps you need to take in order to adjust your travel to changes brought by M&A
  • how to build a stronger travel program

Download the white paper