Coronavirus (COVID-19): Supporting your business travel programme

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Supporting your business travel programme

Protect your travellers and control your travel spend

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses just like yours are being significantly impacted daily. It’s important to have a plan in place to future-proof your business and recover some of the current loss when this crisis subsides. And as a strategic lever for growth, it’s crucial to make business travel a part of your plan.  

At Egencia, we’re here to help optimise your business travel programme and control your travel spend, while minimising risk for your corporate travellers now and after a crisis.

Your essential checklist for business travel savings

Find out how to control travel costs, save money, and stretch your budget with our business travel savings checklist. Manage your corporate travel budget to get back on the road post COVID-19 and access insight on everything from hotel rooms and airfare to policy and compliance.

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Act now: Implement duty of care for your travellers

Ask yourself this:

  • Can you locate all your travellers in real-time right now?
  • Can you easily share urgent updates on coronavirus to travellers on the road?
  • Can you instantly update your travel policy to ensure travellers can’t book a business trip to a high-risk coronavirus destination?

If you answered no to one of these questions, our business travel safety checklist will help you to identify ways to better support your travellers today.

Encourage business recovery with business travel savings

We spoke to a handful of travel industry experts about why gaining corporate travel savings through a business travel programme is so important. Hear what they had to say about what business travel means to them, and how they weigh savings and growth when it comes to their travel programmes.

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Easy to use for travel managers and travellers on the move

Supporting you and your travellers during the coronavirus pandemic is critical. Travellers find our app and online platform easy to use, so they come to us for the latest travel information and to rebook or cancel trips.

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Set up your travel management programme quickly

With so much uncertainly around the coronavirus pandemic, being prepared is essential to maintaining stability. At Egencia, we can get you up and running in as little as a week depending on the maturity of your travel programme.  Our global implementation team, expert account managers, and 3,000-strong force of travel consultants based around the world are ready to help you set up your travel programme and start supporting your travellers everywhere.

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