Travelers want to be in the driver’s seat

Or at least the window seat of their choice…

Over the last few years, there has been a shift in the mentality of many corporate travel programs. Travel managers today are seeking ways to increase traveler satisfaction after years of focusing on the bottom line.  Why? Because happy, engaged travelers are also compliant travelers. What can travel managers do to improve business traveler satisfaction? Give them more control.

Although travelers cannot control weather delays or meeting changes, they are clutching for control of their travel experience whenever they can. According to the 2016 Egencia® Business Travel and Technology Survey, 69% of global business travelers make their own arrangements. In fact, only 2 in 10 travelers would delegate booking, even if they had the option.

Why do 8 out of 10 travelers across the globe prefer to self-book?

  • 62% want control. Travelers want to choose their own schedules and vendors.
  • 49% want to save time. They do not want the back-and-forth it requires to have others book for them.
  • 51% want greater flexibility. Travelers want to update their travel plans on the fly.
  • 28% want to save money.

Travelers’ need for control doesn’t end at the booking process.  Global travelers also want to be in charge of their travel upon arrival. A whopping 76% of travelers spend over 30 minutes organizing their ground transportation – one of the few legs of their journey that may not be booked in advance.

Travelers also want to know they are safe when away from home. 76% would like a fast-alert service to update them on security concerns and 65% of travelers expect their company to help monitor safety.

How can you help travelers feel more in control? Check out this infographic or download the full position paper, “Control: Find Out What It Means To Your Travelers” to learn more.