On-demand webinar: Egencia business travel management solution

Getting lost in the ocean of travel management companies (TMCs), not sure how to choose the right one? Egencia gives you the support and tools you […]

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Brace yourself for Business Travel 4.0

Advances in technology are driving business travel forward quickly. The industry is full of tech start-ups offering online booking systems, mobile apps, and voice […]

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On demand: Artificial intelligence in business travel

It’s becoming increasingly evident that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are playing a progressively impactful role in the evolution of business travel by […]

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Recorded Demo: Egencia’s Duty of Care Solution

Travelling for business can be tough at times. What shouldn’t add to the complexity is managing your traveller’s safety. It is important to listen […]

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Recorded Demo: Egencia Travel Management Solutions

Are you looking for a better business travel management experience? Watch a short, live demo of our booking tool to see how easy it […]

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