Matkustajatyytyväisyys vahvistaa organisaatiotasi

”Miten matka muuten sujui?” ei liene se ensimmäinen kysymys, jonka talous- tai hankintapäällikkö työmatkalaiselta kysyy. Täysin sitä ei kuitenkaan kannata sivuuttaa. Totuus nimittäin on, […]

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The secret of skyrocketing compliance, adoption and satisfaction in business travel

Most travel management companies design their mobile app with only the traveler in mind; often ignoring the needs of approvers, arrangers, and travel managers. […]

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How data visualization can shed light on your career

Using images and predictive analytics can catapult your travel program into management’s field of vision potential Back at work after another travel industry conference […]

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Gamification and incentivization: are these the right carrots for your business travelers?

But can rewarding good (compliant) behavior deliver you the cost and compliance outcomes that you are looking for?

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Case Study: Education start-up flourishes with Egencia

Discover how Egencia helped the start-up Top Hat design a scalable travel program from the ground up to support the company’s expansion

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7 healthy business travel hacks from Egencia road warriors

Egencia road warriors share their travel hacks to stay healthy while out on the road for business travel.

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