Why you should expect more from your TMC

We know that everyone makes promises, and that’s great — as long as they deliver on them. And we’re pretty sure you’ve heard a […]

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Is your business travel approval process due an update?

By Natasha Samuel, senior product marketing manager and Kriti Agarwal, senior product manager In the past, business travel policies were strict, rule-focused, and allowed […]

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Improving the corporate travel experience

Imagine the following scenario: You run the corporate travel programme at your company. An employee is headed to Paris on business, so she uses […]

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5 ways our mobile app makes business travel easier

Business travel is always improving, thanks to technology. Think about when business travellers hit the road and drove from town to town for meetings […]

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Millennials and the shift in business travel payments

By Diana Hoffman, director of product marketing This was my first time at the annual Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) convention. I arrived with […]

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The latest evolution in business travel: Personalisation

By Wendy White, vice president, marketing I’ve been a business traveller for longer than I care to admit. Let’s just say I took business […]

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