On demand: Brace yourself for business travel 4.0

business travel 4.0

Are you ready for the TMC as a platform model?

Advances in technology are driving business travel forward quickly. The industry is full of tech start-ups offering online booking systems, mobile apps, and voice bots. Even traditional travel management companies are investing in technology in an attempt to remain competitive.

Innovation doesn’t rest. Business travel has evolved in three phases, moving from calling travel agents to the digital TMC. The current digital TMC phase is aging, giving way to a new, fourth phase: the business travel platform.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn:

  • How business travel moved from calling travel agents to the digital TMC age
  • Why the platform model is the next generation of travel management and what that means for your travel program
  • How the platform will personalize the experience for your travelers and help you centralize your program

Presented By: Natasha Samuel, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Egencia