Is your travel management company future proof?

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Change causes disruption. Sometimes, disruption is good and can lead to improvements. But, more often than not, change slows you down, costs money and makes it harder to get the job done. When it comes to managing your travel programme, you can’t afford the disruption of changing your travel management company every time you need to upgrade your programme. You need one that can grow and change with you. That’s the way we built Egencia.

Is your travel management company future-proof? How do you know?

The answer to this depends on your answer to these three other questions that examine your travel management company’s strategic framework.

Is your travel management company technology-centred?

Technology is revolutionising the travel industry. Companies are eager to jump on board with the latest interface or online booking tool. Technology is key to the future, but not simply for its own sake. It’s about having the right technology that will allow you to grow and adapt to changes.

Egencia pioneered a new era of travel management – as a platform in which technology is the heart of the system, not simply an add-on. This is more than just integrating a variety of tools to address different aspects of travel management. A platform approach is about having a global, integrated solution that drives innovation forward to provide the features and capabilities that customers want.

Egencia architected its platforms and processes to stay in sync automatically and layered on data visualisation tools for easier reporting and analytics, so that you can understand how travel decisions and policies are impacting the bottom line. These tools allow you to detect patterns in your travel spend, drill down and quickly identify the cause so you can take action and stay on budget. The easier it is to ask questions about your data and “see” the answers, the faster you can create value for your company.

Does your travel management company have a strategy for constant improvement?

As your business changes and evolves, so do your travel needs. Your travel management company should be able to understand your needs at a fundamental level – even before you can articulate those needs yourselves – and adapt on the fly.

At Egencia, our platform approach makes it possible for us to conduct A/B testing of our website and tools. We can learn directly from our customers what they need and want from their travel management company by understanding what they gravitate towards naturally. We couldn’t say it any better than Heike Leipertz, travel manager at TMD Friction, “Egencia helps us provide continuous improvement to our travellers. Their test-and-learn approach helps us deliver continual improvement to our travel programme”.

This continuous testing approach allows us to collect a tremendous amount of data on individual features and ways of interacting with consumers. As a result, we can make intelligent decisions about what products and features we offer our customers next and anticipate what they will need in the future.

Does your travel management company understand the importance of user experience?

Companies like Amazon and Expedia have changed the way customers use technology to shop and book leisure travel. The wide variety of apps and mobile devices makes buying goods and services on the go easier than ever. As a result, business travellers already have an expectation of how they interact with technology, whether it’s purchasing an item using their mobile device or booking a hotel through their computer at work.

Travel is one of the earliest examples of consumers adapting to new ways of doing things in a digital world. Expedia pioneered online travel for consumers and continues to innovate in that segment of the business. At the same time, Egencia revolutionised the business travel industry by focusing on improving the customer experience for all business travellers. In addition, by being part of Expedia Group, we can draw on relevant insights and innovations about consumer preferences from our sister brands and leverage them for the business traveller.

User experience also involves adapting to the way people live. We use numerous devices in our lives, working with screens that display data slightly differently. In some cases, that data passes through different networks depending on where we are and what device we’re using – and, of course, we sometimes want to use that device to just talk to a human being.

It doesn’t matter what device or interface you are using to manage your travel with Egencia. Because Egencia developed its own technology, we are able to offer the omnichannel user experience with a variety of applications, communication channels and interfaces for every user from the individual traveller, to the travel manager, to the administrator.

Change may be inevitable, but it shouldn’t derail your travel programme. Great partners anticipate your needs and drive your company’s transition into the future.