How To: Boost compliance and savings through increased business traveler satisfaction

organized and systematic savings resulting in growth

Employees are more likely to follow a corporate policy if it makes their lives easier. It should not take time for bookers to find options that fit within the policy. Travelers should access all their travel plans in one place. Managing approvals should be as easy as hitting one button.

At these conditions, you won’t struggle to report on travel activity anymore. You can be more efficient, uncover new sources for savings, and refine your policy for the future.

Our customers decided to lead with traveler satisfaction. Learn how compliance and savings followed.

An intuitive platform invites users in, and keeps them in-policy

Centralizing all bookings through one online portal is key to real business improvements. For example, Nasdaq is a global exchange with thousands of employees. Their travelers were mostly booking offline, resulting in booking fees that were 7 percent of their travel spend. The industry average is 3-5 percent, presenting a large financial outlay.

Nasdaq needed to make significant changes to the way they plan, book, and manage their corporate travel. They partnered with Egencia for the intuitive nature of the online platform. As a result, 90 percent of travelers surveyed are likely to recommend Egencia. The traveler satisfaction rate hit 100 percent.

This level of satisfaction led most travelers to in-policy choices and strong compliance.

Where are the savings then? This change management program resulted in a cost savings of $500,000 in the first six months with Egencia. Read more.

Build compliance by building-in convenience

Isn’t it easier when you already know how it works? Same goes with business travel. A travel management solution that mirrors the way your business works will make things easier.

Let’s take the example of Alexander Mann Solutions. The nature of their business implies a travel management on a per-project or per-client basis. Egencia helped their travel manager customize their approvals system. When booking, travelers and travel arrangers can choose the appropriate project or client. This triggers an automated approval workflow to the relevant approver.

This ability to offer their employees an easy way to complete their bookings led to 89.9 percent of online adoption and compliance rates of 87.4 percent. Read more.

Satisfied travelers make more effective employees and a more efficient travel program

It’s easy to sell the benefits of a travel management platform if you treat it as a standalone asset. The challenge comes in when you need your travelers to adopt it across the organization. If it’s not as user-friendly for both booking, and adhering to your travel policy, they will book elsewhere.

As one of our clients, Matrix42, put it: “When traveling for business, it needs to be easy, smooth, and comfortable. You need to be on your best form so that you can focus on the work that you’re there to do.”

We couldn’t agree more. The Egencia booking tool is as easy to use as the Expedia tools most people use for leisure travel. Proof? 100 percent of Matrix42 travel bookings are through Egencia. In-policy bookings, more negotiating power and happy travelers are only some of the key benefits. Matrix 42 saved an average of 17 percent across their travel costs since adopting Egencia across their organization. Watch the video.

Satisfaction will help you fulfill your duty of care responsibilities

Duty of care is a massive responsibility for any travel manager. Take Attendo, for example. They have over 20,000 employees across the Nordics. No one person (or even a few people) can know the ins and outs of that many travelers’ plans at any given moment. This is the reason why they needed to focus on satisfaction and compliance with the help of Egencia.

According to Niklas Nordström, who owns Attendo’s travel program, “The needs of our travelers will continue to evolve, so it’s really important to collaborate with a TMC that is constantly innovating and investing in their technology.”

The Egencia user experience drove satisfaction and compliance for the Attendo travel program. Compliance, combined with powerful reporting tools, helped them refine their travel program. They can fulfill supplier contracts and understand travel patterns. And the more extensive data you have, the more you can improve your travel program. Besides, compliance and adoption, combined with efficient traveler tracking tools, will help you fulfill your duty of care responsibilities. In case of an emergency, you’ll be able to contact any impacted traveler to make sure everything is fine.

“Egencia provides our travelers with a user-friendly booking tool, that makes compliance extremely easy. So easy that 83% of our bookings are made online.”

Watch the video.

Do you need to increase compliance and deliver additional savings to your corporate travel program? Contact us today to see how you can create a program that puts your travelers first.