Egencia Preferred Hotel Rates – Dare to Compare!

Egencia Preferred hotel rates

Booking with Egencia can provide you with great advantages especially when booking your hotel with an Egencia Preferred rate compared to the public rates available on the GDS (by the way, do you know what a GDS is?).

Quick Reminder: what is included in our Egencia Preferred (or Business) rates?

Egencia secures these rates directly with hotels to make sure they meet the needs of business travellers with, for instance:

  • Same day cancellation and no cancellation fees
  • Payment through Egencia or at the hotel
  • Exclusive offers, amenities and benefits such as breakfast, free Wi-Fi or parking
  • Reservations are eligible for hotel loyalty points for all hotels that offer a loyalty program

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Egencia Preferred Rates: Up to +50% off in Q3 2017

Rather than just stating the additional benefits of booking with an Egencia Preferred Rate, we have decided to compare our Egencia Preferred Rates (EPR) with Expedia Special Rates and the best rates available on the GDS during the third quarter of 2017.

On average in all top markets, the EPRs are lower by 11% on 3-stars hotels and by 13% on 4-stars hotels (compared to the best available fare from the GDS).

Asia & Pacific: around 13% off public rates in our Top 4 cities (average)
City 3 stars 4,5 stars
Sydney 8% -8%
Tokyo -4% 27%
Shanghai 18% 11%
Bangalore 47% 1%


North America: around 10% off public rates in our Top 5 cities (average)
City 3 stars 4 stars
New-York (Manhattan) 7% 12%
Los Angeles 14% -2%
San Francisco 13% 10%
Toronto -2% 8%
Montréal 19% 20%


Europe: around 12% off public rates in our Top 5 cities (average)
City 3 stars 4 stars
Paris 13% 19%
London 12% 4%
Stockholm 13% 13%
Oslo 2% 28%
Frankfurt 13% 6%

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