Egencia Employees Share Memorable Customer Service Moments

by Ashley Keller

Egencia Employees Share Memorable Customer Service Moments

In our last post, we shared perspectives from worldwide Egencia employees about our approach to global customer service. In this follow-up, we ask Egencia employees to share some of their most memorable customer service experiences.

A word of caution, the following stories may spark tears - of laughter or otherwise, so have a tissue on standby!

  • When I actually chauffeured a client’s son from the airport to a Woman of the Year Luncheon where his mother was being honored.  My client called to advise his wife was being honored at a luncheon and he wanted to surprise her by having his son fly in from Detroit for the event. Because of a major event happening in LA that day, car services were unavailable and public transportation would not get him there in time. I was very familiar with the LA area and LAX Airport so I decided to go ahead and drive the hour and half to pick him up and take him to his mother’s award luncheon myself. It was very rewarding to be able to help out and make this surprise a reality. - Lorinda Lain, Egencia Senior Executive Travel Consultant


  • I received a call from an upset father while vacationing in the Bahamas.  His three year old son was diagnosed with a severe ear infection and the doctors in the Bahamas could do nothing more for the child.  The father requested desperately for me to find a flight to get the mother, son and him to NYC as quickly as possible.  The father also let me know there was no budget cap, just find a flight.   I advised the father to get packed and ready to head to the airport, I would find a way home for them.  All commercial flights from the island to NYC were sold out for the day.  I called three private jet companies, one of which had a “dead head” flight back to NYC and had just landed on the island. I was able to get the family on the plane within 90 minutes of the call and of course, all ended well! - Gloria Flanigan, Egencia Executive Travel Consultant


  • His name was Mr. Taylor, he was 70 years old and bright as the day’s dawn. He had travelled far and wide over his many years and could tell a great tale. I had booked a surprise walking holiday for himself and his daughter for her 40th birthday present. The surprise treat was well received and with a month to go the family unfortunately received some bad news; his daughter had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Their trip had to be cancelled and postponed for another time. Yet it was clear from Mr. Taylor’s tone he knew time was not in his favor. Two years had passed and I hadn’t heard anything until one day he called unexpectedly and wished to reinstate his holiday with his daughter. They travelled in the spring and he sent me a postcard and a box of wine from the region thanking me for helping him to enjoy one of his last adventures with his daughter. As I sipped the Sicilian wine in my own garden that evening, it made me realise whilst my actions may seem small and insignificant, the impact they have on the passenger is enormous and meaningful. - Simone Kirkup, WBMI Consultant, Egencia UK


  • While booking a trip to Cuba before it was “allowed” I was able to think outside the box and present options via Canada and Mexico. The result was a huge box of Hershey Chocolates as a Thank you! - Laurie Esper, Egencia Dedicated Travel Consultant


  • A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a doctor with Partners Healthcare. She had already been through some issues with a previous rep and was very angry once she got me on the line. I had spoken to her several times over the years and immediately I could tell this was an opportunity to turn around her view of Egencia. She had been placed on hold for nearly 20 minutes which should never happen and was then transferred to the wrong department. I processed her partial ticket exchange and eased her mind that everything was taken care of, and that her previous experience would be escalated. She was so grateful for the work I did and have done since that she calls in and requests me when booking her guests. - Deanna Collins, Egencia Senior Corporate Travel Consultant


  • While shopping for my granddaughter’s first Mother’s Day gift I was lucky enough to have received exceptional customer service from Lisa at the jewelry counter.  I picked an opal necklace since both my granddaughter and great granddaughter shared the same birthstone.  I told Lisa about how this was my granddaughters first Mother’s Day and how important it was for me to help her celebrate.  She asked me to wait a moment which I did, although I was in a hurry.  She returned with the most beautiful mother/baby necklace which was perfect for this occasion.  I knew I wanted to buy my granddaughter a necklace but Lisa knew that it was more meaningful if I bought the mother/baby necklace.  It was not only the perfect gift but was half the cost of the necklace I was looking at.  Needless to say I took her advice and bought the necklace she had found for me.  Sometimes the customer needs pointed in the right direction and I am so grateful to Lisa for knowing exactly what I wanted, even when I did not. - Brenda Baggett -  Egencia Executive Travel Consultant


  • I had a client traveling from Washington, DC to Maputo, Mozambique, and when he arrived the airline had lost his luggage.  All he had was the clothes he was wearing to attend his meetings for a medical center project.  He called me the next morning and was very upset with the airline as he said he felt like they were not trying to find his luggage.  I asked him to relax, stay at his hotel and let me see what I could find out.  I finally got the number for the LAM Airlines baggage office at Maputo Int’l Airport. After about 20 rings an agent answered the phone and I explained to him that I needed him to find these bags and I gave him the tag numbers. He said they had a lot of bags and would be about a day before he got to it. I asked to speak to the Station Manager because I would not hang up until he found out where the bags ended up.  He put the phone down and about 25 minutes later got back on the line and told me he found the luggage and that he was having another agent take them to my Client’s Hotel.  I called him and of course he was overjoyed and was very thankful.  Then I received the best reward an Agent could ever obtain. He personally came up to my desk to shake my hand and thank me for all my help as he did not want to spend his twelve days there in the same clothes he wore on the plane. Then in all seriousness, he said “It is a great comfort to know we have someone here looking out for us and watching our backs”. - Michael Goodrich, Egencia Dedicated Travel Consultant


  • I had a consultant who was based in Detroit call me when he got home from Philadelphia and asked for my help because he left the company’s secure laptop at the Philadelphia Airport TSA security check point.  After calming him down, I told him I would check into it and call him back.  I was able to get in touch with the TSA Supervisor at that same check point. I spoke to him about the situation for a bit and he went back into their lost and found area and was able to find the laptop.  He then agreed to send it to me via overnight UPS.  I called the Consultant back who was amazed and ecstatic. I told him I had it sent to me because he was flying in for a meeting at our office the next day so I would keep it with me until he arrived.  He came to my desk to get his laptop and proceeded to tell my manager the situation and that they needed more dedicated employees like me. - Michael Goodrich, Egencia Dedicated Travel Consultant


  • My most memorable customer service experience was changing an administrative assistants approach to booking. Her thought process was its quicker for her to rebook her traveler than to call us to adjust his current plans. I saved her right off the bat over $5,000 by her not having to buy a new one-way ticket home from Paris. Once I educated her on exchanging tickets, she put the rest of his itinerary in my hands. Is it turns out I was very familiar to the part of town he was traveling to and told her that the hotel she booked him was over an hour away by train.  I was able to cancel and rebook. Overall I saved their company $8,000 by utilizing unused tickets, combining train, car, and hotels into a logical order that made sense for the traveler so that he wouldn’t have to crisscross back and forth across the country, and it was cost effective. - Claire Mullikin, Egencia Senior Corporate Travel Consultant


Up next, you’ll hear from Egencia employees about what customer service means to them and how Egencia enables them to be successful. 

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