Extraordinary Service for Extraordinary Times

by Egencia Blog Team

Extraordinary Service for Extraordinary Times

Reliable, easily accessible customer service is just as important to our customers as great online booking. Not only do we master the every-day business of helping customers book online, we are also there for our travelers and travel managers when they need an extra helping hand in extraordinary times.

When a customer starts with Egencia, our travel consultants aim to improve our clients’ overall travel management by helping them quickly get up to speed on our online tools - especially in the first weeks. We help them optimize the use of our robust online booking, improving adoption, policy compliance and the consolidation of travel costs.

But even if a client is able to book a trip online, they may still choose to use an offline option (phone, call-back in the US, email) for any number of reasons. Travelers don’t always have access to an Internet connection, or time to work out complex travel arrangements or modifications - especially when they are already on a trip. Also, in times of crisis, travelers need peace of mind that they are not alone. For these extraordinary times, Egencia provides extraordinary service based on our collective expertise, single global platform and global coverage.

When something goes wrong, like extreme weather conditions or airline disruptions, personal customer service means that travelers are not left alone to sort it out. With tenured years of experience, Egencia travel consultants can quickly dig out the best options or alternatives. After a trip, this expertise turns to more technical matters such as special airline and train line procedures for handling cancelations or strike-related disruptions that travelers and arrangers would rather not have to handle.

In the case of events that create large-scale disruptions, we can contact our customers proactively – before they reach out to us. An example of this happened recently with the attacks in Brussels. The city was closed to transportation services so we knew that the morning after the attacks, our travelers would need to rebook any outgoing or incoming trips. We started contacting the most urgent cases first and worked our way through all the impacted travelers to help them reroute their travel by the end of the day. And with a common global technology platform, our customer service teams in France, Germany, and the UK were able to take over operations for our Belgian travel consultants seamlessly. When all our consultants and travelers work on the same platform this smooths out the transition from one office to the other and makes delivering pertinent solutions that much faster.

With a global coverage of 65 countries, Egencia focuses on providing invaluable local market knowledge. For example, if the Oslo airport is suddenly closed, our teams know that you can still make your meeting in Copenhagen by taking the ferry! But, obviously, the most compelling reason for locally based service teams is language. For some of our clients, this may even be the regional accent – a large Zurich-based company will prefer Swiss German language. This provides a common understanding of cultural expectations and contextual awareness which can be very useful in tense situations.

So for extraordinary times our customer service team provides an extraordinary level of service, flexibility and local expertise to our travelers.

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