Egencia Employees Define Customer Service

by Ashley Keller

Egencia Employees Define Customer Service

Throughout this blog series, we have taken you behind the scenes and shared how Egencia worldwide employees feel about great customer service, Egencia’s approach to service and advice on change management.

Taking you further on the journey - here is what employees said when asked, “What does customer service mean to you?”

  • Exceeding expectations beyond wildest dreams! - Laurie Esper, Egencia Dedicated Travel Consultant
  • I don’t think it’s possible to explain what good customer service looks like. For me, good customer service is all about how a person feels after they’re received service from you! I have learned through Egencia the importance of not only delivering a great service, but also building relationships through the service we provide. This is essential in continuing to exceed client expectations.  – Paul Taylor, Team Leader, Egencia Customer Service UK
  • Providing service that makes us irreplaceable to our clients by becoming real people they can rely on and trust, not just a company that arranges their travel. - Elisa Ramirez, Egencia Executive Travel Consultant
  • Customer service means engaging with past, current and prospective clients to quickly and effectively find solutions for them. - Michelle Schaeffer, Supplier Marketing Specialist, Egencia
  • Customer Service is all about doing everything you can in this business to provide the most accurate work while saving the company your servicing money. If I can save a few hundred dollars nearly every call by proactively searching for better fares, I’ve provided great customer service. - Deanna Collins, Egencia Senior Corporate Travel Consultant
  • Establishing a balanced personal/business relationship with my clients; making a connection that creates trust and understanding between us. Sharon Reynolds, Egencia Dedicated Travel Consultant
  • It is important for my clients to see and understand that I want to go the extra mile taking care of their needs and reflect at all times a positive, delightful and happy attitude and tone each time they contact me to assure this outcome. - Sharon Reynolds, Egencia Dedicated Travel Consultant
  • Responding to customers’ needs and solving their problems in a quick, efficient and friendly way. - Tillmann Zietz, Senior Sales Manager, Egencia Denmark
  • It’s difficult to pinpoint the true meaning of great Customer Service as it’s mainly made up of intangible acts that if done right enviably evoke the emotion of happiness. Championing the little things and be-friending everyone. Naturally providing a service our clients expect not just from a service they want but a service they deserve. - Simone Kirkup, WBMI Consultant, Egencia UK
  • Good service, a little bit extra, more than you expect! - Sara Ekstedt, Business Travel Consultant, Egencia Stockholm
  • Exceeding the client’s expectations, anticipating the client’s needs and offering the best solution possible. - Brenda Baggett -  Egencia Executive Travel Consultant
  • To me, customer service means above all putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes, understanding their individual and business needs and making every effort to take the stress of travel off the customer, their families and their company as a whole by simplifying every task requested of us and proactively handling their every need.  The dividends of a successful business trip trickle down to everyone who participated and contributed including the vendors and the TC’s. – Debbie Honeycutt, Egencia Executive Travel Consultant
  • Customer service can make difference.  Communicating with people will make the work better and easier.  Talk to the guest in a good way, find the right choice for the guest, know what the guest exactly needs, will help me to work properly and also will let guests feel better. - JunTing Chen, Customer Operations, Egencia Shanghai
  • Feeling that I got what I wanted and it was a painless process. It also means a smile and making me feel valued and looked after. - Mercedes Nicolau, Implementations Manager APAC, Egencia Sydney
  • Going the extra step, not just answering their question, but proving an explanation or offering a tip for the future on how to prevent that issue from happening again. It’s double checking to make sure there aren’t conflicting, overlapping trips when they make changes. It’s going through the whole trip to make sure they have hotel, car, air, car service, baggage info. It’s sensing that your customer is a first time traveler and will need some extra details, and coaching, and not assuming that just because they didn’t ask means that they know. It’s providing them those tipping points such as how to catch the tram in Atlanta so they don’t walk 15 miles to the next terminal, or letting them know that they have access to the business class lounge and can grab a bite and a drink complimentary while they work. - Claire Mullikin, Egencia Senior Corporate Travel Consultant


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