Ten Years Egencia in Germany

by Egencia Blog Team

Ten Years Egencia in Germany

München, 29. June 2016 – Business travel specialist Egencia® is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Germany this year. It is an occasion for Egencia to look back but also into the future at a big anniversary party in Munich today. In the future the experts see digital assistants who base on voice recognition and systems designed with research based on muscle impulses.


Ten years – steady growth

June 1st 2006 marked the starting signal for the business travel specialist in Germany with the opening of the Munich bureau. In 2014, a second standing leg in Berlin followed. From the beginning, Egencia has been growing steadily with today about 200 employees in Germany. 

“Since we started, we achieved a lot in Germany”, says Verena Funke, Managing Director Egencia GmbH.“Over the last  four years, Egencia Germany more than tripled the number of travelers enrolled in its profile base and doubled the volume of its customers' managed travel budgets. The opening of a second office, the moving to bigger office spaces in Munich – we want to build on this and grow further.”


 Innovations like voice recognition and electromyography  

For Funke, key to this success is one decisive factor: the user-friendly technology paired with professional customer service. “Egencia is not a mere online agency, but a full-service business travel specialist that combines innovative technology with traditional travel agency services.”

Innovations in particular focusing on customer service are what will make the difference in the industry in the future. This is what Michael Gulmann, Egencia Vice President Global Product, emphasizes in his presentation about the future of business travel. “Internet connection started out with physical/desktop environment hard-wire connected. Then came wireless: Wi-Fi and smartphones are available everywhere today. The next boom we see in technology is the continued enhancement of communication with technology towards a more integrated service model”, says Gulmann. “For companies this means they need to move away from only providing user-friendly desktop experiences or mobile solutions and toward a more integrated approach to service.”

Egencia focuses on providing consumer-grade user experiences to business travel customers, so keeps a close eye on developments in technology, especially those service-based. The R&D team is working with the most advanced technologies to understand consumer behavior. Amongst them is electromyography (EMG) which registers muscle and nerve impulses in a user’s face as they look at and use the website. “With EMG we research how travelers react to certain things they see. We do not know what the future holds, but by using test-and-learn methods for developing our service, we can continually adapt and prepare for the future”, concludes Gulmann.

More information at  www.egencia.de or on twitter @EgenciaDE.

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