VIA Egencia Rebrands To Egencia in the Nordics

by Egencia Blog Team

VIA Egencia Rebrands To Egencia in the Nordics

Egencia is proud to announce that our operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland officially changed corporate names from VIA Egencia to Egencia. This marks the conclusion of an integration that began when Egencia acquired VIA Travel in 2012.

Over the past several years, the Egencia and VIA teams worked together to make sure all employees were trained in using the Egencia global travel business travel platform. Part of this process included making travelers and customers aware of the benefits of being a part of a worldwide travel brand.

The results have been encouraging so far. For example, in Denmark, the shift to the new global online platform has resulted in an increase in the online adoption rate by over 40% since July 2015.

“This is an exciting time for our travel market, and we are pleased that our integration has been a success for both our employees and our customers,” said Rune Feltman, Sr. VP of Egencia Nordics. “As a part of Egencia, we expanded our global reach and can offer our customers the most state-of-the-art global business travel platform in the world, as well as the same high-level of localized customer service they expect.”

“We are thrilled to have a presence in the Nordic region, and welcome our existing and future customers to Egencia,” said Christophe Peymirat, senior vice president, Egencia EMEA.

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