Looking into the crystal ball of the internet and travel

by Alex Kaluzny & Michael Gulmann

Looking into the crystal ball of the internet and travel

We often get asked how we predict and plan for the next Internet or travel trend. The short answer is…we don’t.

The Internet moves at an unprecedented pace and in the expert words of those that design products for consumer travel, “Consumers are too unpredictable, the industry is changing too fast and investing in one vision is too restrictive.”[1] So, rather than try to predict the future, we apply the scientific method to test and learn our way into what product works best for business travellers. We let them vote with their clicks and usage of our products.

Here are the main tenets we use to build the most business traveller centric product in the business of business travel.

  1. We develop on a global platform. A single platform allows us to deliver faster, continuously improve and create great experiences across devices – even those that aren’t in use yet. We think about a day when your refrigerator reminds you to check in for your flight tomorrow as you help yourself to a glass of milk.
  2. Data and research are in our DNA. Our parent company, Expedia group, has more than 189 billion rows of consumer behaviour data. We analyse and use this data to make every website visit better. Data informs how we build our products for business travel.
  3. We fail fast and learn from our failures.One of the most important parts of a test and learn culture is learning. Every time a test wins, the product improves. But more importantly, every time a test loses, you learn something. What you learn can be used in the next test to build a better product. So, ultimately, the faster you fail and learn, the faster your product improves. Egencia travellers conducted almost 26 million hotel searches during 2015 presenting millions of opportunities for our travellers to teach us.

We think differently at Egencia and we think that as a travel manager you should look for a partner that can answer your questions concerning 1) a consistent global experience; 2) how traveller data is used to inform product road maps and decisions as well as what your TMC learns from its failures – not just its successes.

At Egencia, we are driven by our passion to revolutionize business travel by offering game-changing technology through our end-to-end global platform. We think our passion produces happier travellers for you and a healthier bottom line. To learn more, visit our blog or website. You can also visit our BTS booth B435 for live demos of our products.


Alex Kaluzny is Chief Technology Officer at Egencia and Michael Gulmann leads Global Product and Marketing.

Alex Kaluzny is Chief Technology Officer at Egencia. Michael Gulmann leads Global Product and Marketing for Egencia.