Egencia and Google Encourage Travelers to Vote

by Egencia Blog Team

Egencia and Google Encourage Travelers to Vote

Whatever your business may be, this November 8th you have two important jobs.

The first? Your job.

The second? Voting in the U.S. election.

The problem? You might be on the road. Election Day is always held on the Tuesday immediately after the first Monday in November. It’s a weekday and a workday.

On any given day, approximately 1.95 million Americans take flight*, making it hard to vote in person on Election Day. That said, it’s still just as important.

The 2000 Election was decided by roughly 500,000 votes, the equivalent of 1-in-4 traveling Americans. Yet nearly 1 out of every 10 nonvoters cite being out of town as their reason for opting out. Many of these are likely to be business travelers.

Egencia is teaming up with Google to provide information on how and when to cast your ballot to make sure every American, even the road warriors among us, has a chance to vote.

By learning more about the registration and voting options in your state, you can plan around an upcoming trip.

Click on these links to learn how to register and how to vote early or absentee to make sure your voice is heard this November.

* Based on U.S. Department of Transportation data.

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