It’s Time To Let Go Of The Suitcase!

by Egencia Blog Team

It’s Time To Let Go Of The Suitcase!

If you travel for business, you participate in a time-worn tradition: packing, unpacking, and lugging your suitcase to and from the airport, to client meetings, and restaurants; and then doing it all over again for the next trip. Or perhaps you are one of the unlucky few who meticulously pack their carry-on only to step onto the plane only to find all the bins full, resulting in a gate check.

Bill Rinehart, the founder and CEO of DUFL, was in London for business on a Friday. He was waiting for a car to take him to the train, which would take him to the airport, so he could fly home to Arizona, then back to NYC on Monday. That schedule gave him a weekend to unpack, do laundry, drop off and pick up same-day dry cleaning, and pack all over again. While he was waiting for that car he thought there had to be a service that could help him break free of this cycle. When he discovered none existed, he invented DUFL to take some of the stress out of travel, especially for road warriors.

DUFL packing service

DUFL is a travel service that professionally cleans and stores your business attire, then packs and ships your luggage to your destination. It essentially eliminates the need for packing, unpacking, doing laundry, and carrying your bag to and from the airport, customer meetings and client dinners. You get to travel luggage-free without having to check and retrieve your bag at the airport or struggle for overhead bin space.

Once your first bag is packed and sent back to the DUFL warehouse, your items will be for cleaned, inventoried and photographed and placed in your DUFL closet. DUFL allows you to pack for your follow-up trips in just a few minutes by simply selecting the items you wish to take from your DUFL closet, entering your destination and arrival date and scheduling a pick-up. If you are like Bill, or the traveler left staring at a cabin without overhead bin space, you might want to try DUFL on for size. Here's how...

  1. Register with DUFL and order your welcome kit. A large suitcase will be sent for you to fill with the items you usually take on the road: clothing, shoes, full size toiletries, etc.
  2. Once filled, ship the welcome kit back to the warehouse and the DUFL team will clean, inventory and professionally photograph your items and then store them in your DUFL “virtual closet.”
  3. When you’re ready to travel, log in to the DUFL app and enter your destination and arrival date. You pack by tapping on the photos of the items you’d like to take from your virtual closet and a professionally packed bag will be waiting at your hotel when you arrive.
  4. When your trip is over, schedule a pick-up in the app, leave your bag with the front desk and DUFL will pick it up and ship it back to the warehouse. From there, it’s inventoried, cleaned and stored until your next trip.

Happy Suitcase-free Travels!

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