Egencia’s approach to air savings optimization

Egencia seamlessly delivers air savings for your company — all you need to do is sit back and watch your savings grow.

Fare Savings Finder (applies to all countries)

Fare Savings Finder is a program in which Egencia monitors the price of certain flights booked by the travellers. If Egencia finds an identical flight (route, seat, amenities, booking class, airline), we rebook the traveller on the cheaper rate and provide notice to the traveller via e-mail.
Egencia charges a Fare Savings Finder fee only when savings are achieved.
The reduction in price will always be greater than the fee applied, ensuring that the traveller always saves money.

Are all tickets eligible for this service?

  • The amount of fare difference between initial booking and rebooking must be higher than the fee amount applied.
  • The Egencia Fare Saving Finder team will constantly update their methodologies to capture the greatest savings for customers, using the latest technology. We frequently see a higher success rate on Long-Haul and Premium cabin bookings. After ticketing, the Fare Savings Finder service does not apply.
  • Many factors influence our ability to drive savings through the Fare Savings Finder program, including Instant Ticketing.

When will I be charged with a fee?

  • The Fare Savings Finder fee will apply only when the Egencia Fare Savings Finder team finds a lower fare than the one initially booked, and they have rebooked the ticket.
  • The fees below apply unless otherwise set forth in your contract.
Amount of SavingsFee amount
Standard Savingsup to $300$70
Medium Savingsfrom $300.01-$600$175
High SavingsAbove $600$350

How do I know the level of savings made with this service?

  • Reporting will be available by Q2 2019 on the Analytics Studio of your Egencia Website (under the reporting tab). More details will be provided at the time of launch.

Air refund process (applies to all countries except the US and Canada)

If a traveller is not boarding a flight, his air ticket becomes unused. Some tickets or part of a ticket can still be refunded to the company or the traveller but not all travellers know about it or take the time to request it.
Egencia now systematically refunds unused air tickets to its customers. A dedicated team at Egencia will look at all the eligible tickets for the refund.
The company or the traveller will receive the refund within about 2 months after the ticket has been unused, based upon the form of payment. The form of payment used for the original booking is the one used for the refund. A refund fee will apply, at the amount stated in your contract.

Why are we changing the process?

  • The unused ticket is initially due to a poor traveller behaviour (no show or no cancellation) that should not occur very often; but it can impact a company’s air travel spend.
  • While we encourage travellers to cancel their flight in the first place, we understand that last minute change of plans can happen.
  • That’s why Egencia is changing the process to help travellers & companies get refunds with no action required on their side.

When is this service going to be available?

  • Systematic refund will apply for tickets that have been unused since the January 4th 2019.
  • All unused tickets before this date will be refunded following the previous process – requested by the traveller. If they have not been requested, Egencia will not refund tickets retroactively.

Are all tickets eligible for a refund?

There are 3 conditions to have your air ticket refund:

  • The source of the content: Egencia will look at the eligibility for all tickets purchased through the GDS Amadeus. For example, all tickets sourced through another content provider (e.g. Travelfusion) and Low-Cost Carriers will not be refunded.
  • The fare conditions of the ticket that have been purchased:
    • For Refundable and Partially Refundable fares: refund may be available on a portion of the fare, according to the rules and penalties (fare conditions).
    • For Non-refundable tickets: airport taxes may be refunded. For example, if there is a mix of an international flight and US domestic, the airport taxes cannot be refunded for the US domestic flight. In addition, some airlines, such as Aeroflot, do not refund airport taxes.
  • The amount of the refund: Egencia refund the ticket when the savings are higher than the standard refund fees.

How do I know the level of savings made with this service?

  • When a refund is received, the company will receive a credit note. The credit note would be issued to the same person/organisation that received the invoice for the issued ticket (depends on your settings).
  • If your company is set up with “on account” payment or Air, you will receive a monthly statement.