5 ways that Egencia Analytics Studio helps travel managers


On the surface, business travel seems to be a simple topic: People go places. The company spends money to get them where they need to go. It seems pretty straightforward, but it’s not.

Large global organisations have thousands of people travelling at any given time and trying to track who booked their flights in advance or who is using the business’ travel management company (TMC) involves dense and complex travel data.

Not every company will have an expert on staff who can understand all this data and travel managers may not have the skill set to crunch the numbers. This can be a challenge because if you can’t provide easy-to-understand data visualisation reports, you’ll have a hard time answering questions about travel spend, compliance and more.

The Egencia Analytics Studio is the solution. Built with the travel manager and their day-to-day reporting needs in mind, it’s a user-friendly platform for people who do business travel for a living. With the Analytics Studio, you can explore data visually, discover hidden insights and identify new sources of savings. Track trends over time to help you optimise spend across travel categories such as air, hotel, train and car.

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View the presentation below for a step-by-step guide on how easy pulling data visualisation reports is with the Egencia Analytics Studio.