6 ways to keep your corporate travel program healthy in 2018

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“Get healthy” is the most popular New Year resolution of 2018. According to Google data gathered by iQuanti, there were 62,776,640 searches for this goal. The good news: getting your corporate travel program in shape is a little easier than turning down a slice of office birthday cake.

The Account Management pros at Egencia share these six ways you can keep your travel program healthy this year. 

  1. Launch your mobile strategy. It’s 2018, yet the majority of travel programs still haven’t adopted a mobile strategy. Hmm… Now is the time to encourage your travellers to use the Egencia mobile app. Travellers can book and manage travel, receive alerts, get help during disruptions, and find the quickest and most cost-effective ground transportation options to their destinations. Happy travellers = happy travel managers.
  2. Address the sharing economy. Ride sharing and alternative lodging are here to stay. According to recent studies, business travellers use ride sharing services more often than taxis and the alternative lodging industry is expected to grow to $108 billion in 2018. If you have not done so, make 2018 the year you evaluate your company’s usage and determine if sharing economy services are right for your policy.
  3. Evaluate your hotel negotiated rates. If you spent significant time renegotiating your hotel rates last quarter, you’ll want to audit your rates to ensure they match your new contracts. Throughout the year, take a look at booking data to see what you paid at your top negotiated rate properties versus corporate averages for that market. If a hotel has been increasing your rates every year, your rates may be more expensive than market averages. These questions will help you decide if negotiated hotel rates are right for your program.
  4. Promote company loyalty. Look into your booking data to see if travellers are paying above-market rates to pursue loyalty points with a certain carrier, hotel chain, or rental car company. Everyone wants points, but your company’s budget is important too. Bonus tip: Once you’ve found these travellers, investigate status-matching them with another partner.
  5. Review your booking tool site settings. Keep your company home page fresh and up to date. Do you have out-of-date company broadcast messages that need to be changed or removed? Are your preferred hotels listed in the right order? Is the latest version of your travel policy reflected on the site?
  6. Make 2018 the year you automate profile management. The most basic step you can take to prevent fraud is to ensure your Egencia traveller list is aligned with your company’s internal systems. The Egencia Bulk Data Management (BDM) feature can relieve you from the monthly drudgery of creating and deleting members.

And, of course, take the opportunity to communicate your travel policy and any updates with employees.

Tips were provided by the Egencia Account Management team.