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How do I cancel my rail booking?

How do I cancel my rail booking?

To cancel your booking online, go to the "Trips" page and find the booking you would like to cancel.  First, click the link "Rules and Regulations" on the top right corner of the itinerary to check if your booking is eligible for cancellation. Then, at the bottom of the itinerary, you will find a blue "Cancel" link;  click on it to start the process.  

You will be redirected to a cancellation page that explains details about your cancellation eligibility, fees and penalties and the amount to be refunded. 

To finalize the cancellation, click the blue "Confirm" button. You will be redirected to the Trips page that highlights the status of your booking as "cancelled". You should then receive within minutes a confirmation email about your cancellation. 

NOTE: If the "Confirm" button is not clickable, it means your booking is not eligible to be canceled online.  

This may be for the following reasons: 

  • Your booking is non-refundable
  • Your booking contains multiple trains with different refund eligibility - you need to contact an Egencia Travel Consultant or submit your cancellation request through this online form
  • You have already collected your paper ticket from a kiosk - you need to fill out this refund claim form and follow the instructions.

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