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Business travel updates on COVID-19 for Travel Managers

Business travel updates on COVID-19 for Travel Managers

We’ve provided some resources below to help you navigate travel during this uncertain period. Visit the COVID-19 Center on the Egencia Connect Community for more information and to network with other travel managers for current business travel best practices. 

Changing travel regulations and policies

Keep track of your travelers' safety

In response to COVID-19, many countries have entry requirements for travelers. These requirements vary and may prohibit travel or mandate a quarantine after arrival. 

These requirements also frequently change, so it’s best to review these policies before booking and again before your travelers depart. The travel restrictions can also vary between states and countries.

To help you assess the travel landscape and advise travelers, we’ve compiled a list in our Help Center of advisories and flexible travel policies issued by airlines, hotels, and rail operators. Many of the policies allow for waiving fees for changes or cancellations, subject to specific terms and conditions. If the travel provider you’re looking for isn’t listed, you should check the airline, hotel, or rail operator’s website for the latest information.

How Egencia helps you monitor impacts to your travel program

Keep track on your travelers' safety

Use Egencia's Traveler Tracker to get concise reports. Run a global report of all current and future travel plans, regardless of destination, by country, city, or region. You can also look back at where travelers have been in the last 30 days or search bookings across airlines, including marketing and code share bookings, to identify any impacts to travelers due to changes in airline operations.

Use Egencia's Analytics Studio to quickly see the status of flight transactions with key information such as PNR, itinerary number, ticket status, route, POS, and more. The report provides data on air cancellations across your company.

How to manage your travel program during COVID-19

Prepare your travel program

Access the travel program review guide to prepare for getting your travelers back on the road while supporting business recovery. This includes:

Help travelers prepare for travel

Review our travel manager guide to help address your travelers’ well-being. This includes:

Visit the Traveler Help Center page for updates on coronavirus (COVID-19) for business travelers.

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