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What is important when staying at a hotel?

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Posted: 13 October 2015
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Traditionally it is said that location, location and location are the three most important success criteria for a hotel - and that's probably true. Nevertheless, in a comprehensive survey we recently conducted, our customers say that a good bed is as important as the location. It is the first time in our annual survey that location and bed are sharing first place.The survey also shows that free Internet access now has become more important than a good breakfast. The preferences of hotel guests are evidently changing gradually. Norwegians have learned to appreciate a particularly good bed, and free Wifi has become more and more important every year. The hotels have invested heavily in breakfast for several years. Perhaps the time is ripe to focus more on, and not least talk more about, the bed? I don’t think the Norwegian hotel guest necessarily need an advanced pillow menu, but there may be other steps hotels can do to make sure its guests a good night's sleep? Free internet has for a long time been more important than breakfast for most Europeans when staying at hotels. Norwegians have been the exception, perhaps because we take it for granted. A hearty breakfast is important to us, but now free internet is considered even more important. One might be surprised that price ends in fifth place. I am convinced that it is because the Norwegian travellers care about the total value and not just the price of the hotel room. It helps little with a low price of the hotel room if it involves extra large taxi bills or if the bed or noise have given you a sleepless night. It is about having the best starting point for a productive work day, after all. Booking accommodation with the travel agent is your safest bet. We know the hotels, the surrounding areas, and what the right price is.

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