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A video guide to travel risk management resources

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Posted: 17 March 2021
Tools To Help Manage Business Travel Risk

Tools you need to plan, implement and manage travel risk

Business travel comes with plenty of risks. Everything from localized weather events to global pandemics can derail your travel plans. That’s why it’s important to manage the travel risk component of your travel program.

Travel risk management is a proactive, consistent, end-to-end approach to protecting your people from travel-related risks. By protecting your employees, you protect the resilience of the organization as a whole. Egencia is here to help with a video primer.

Travel risk management includes plans for what to do in a crisis, and even how to avoid a crisis. Your top priority is keeping travelers safe. It’s about having confidence in your travel policy and planning for those instances when things don’t quite go as planned.

Egencia SaaS travel technology provides all the tools you need to plan, implement and manage a travel risk management program. In these videos you will learn how Egencia supports your travel program by providing tools for keeping track of travelers on the road, updating hygiene standards at partner hotels, and providing an easy-to-use interface to manage your program.

Traveler Tracker

To assist travelers in an emergency, how will you know where they are? What kind of information do you need to supply people before, during or after a trip? Centralizing all your travel bookings through Egencia gives you one place to turn to locate your people while they’re traveling and provides tools for alerting travelers to breaking news that could impact them so they can start making arrangements immediately.

Traveler Tracker lets you manage and locate your travelers’ bookings and allows you to search by a specific city, country, region across the globe. From a single portal, you have access to all your travelers’ location and booking information.

Watch the video to learn more about how Traveler Tracker works.

Hotel hygiene

Hotel cleanliness and disinfecting policies have become more important information for travelers since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Egencia is working with its partner properties to keep this information updated in the booking tool. Hyatt Hotels is leading the way with its global care and cleanliness commitment designed to further enhance their operational standards around safety and peace of mind. This commitment is centered around three initiatives:

  1. Collaboration with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council to introduce a cleanliness accreditation program at more than 900 Hyatt hotels worldwide.
  2. Hygiene managers at every Hyatt hotel overseeing training, food safety and enhanced hygiene protocols.
  3. Establishing a working group of leading industry professionals and experts to provide insight on key aspects of Hyatt’s business.

The goal is to give travelers and corporate travel planners peace of mind when booking at Hyatt properties.

Watch the video to hear about Hyatt’s new hygiene policies.

Easy to use online platform and app

The powerful Egencia online platform and mobile app provide a single portal for managing your entire business travel program. You can easily navigate through the various tools for managing your travel risk management program:

  • Assess
    • Stay updated on the evolving situation with real-time travel alerts.
  • Understand the impact on your travelers
    • Manage and locate your travelers’ location and booking information — sorted by specific city, country or region — from a single portal.
  • Take measures
    • Make sure your travel policy has all the right contingencies and approvals set up to manage an unexpected event while also ensuring compliance with your corporate travel policy.
  • Communication
    • Keep travelers updated on any changes by sending them messages and providing travel updates within the app.

From a single gateway, you can implement policies right into the booking process. We can offer tips and alerts worth monitoring for a certain destination. The policy responses can scale easily in the travel solution. Extended approval loops can be programmed for certain trips. Some destinations can be blocked temporarily.

Watch the video to discover how the Egencia platform can help you confidently manage your travel program.

Safety and security of travelers

As a travel manager or arranger, the safety and security of travelers is your top priority. Having a solid travel risk management policy in place helps you plan for the unexpected. And in a full-blown crisis, Egencia helps extend the resources you can deploy to get people home safely.

Traveler wellbeing is ultimately about instilling a sense of confidence or peace of mind in your workforce. They are the ones leaving their families and getting on a plane. They need to feel supported. Our easy-to-use resources are here to help.

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