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Stretch your spend with an extensive corporate hotel offering

Posted: 12 May 2020

If your business is beginning to prepare for corporate travel post COVID-19, there’s no doubt that traveler peace of mind and spend management are both front of mind. With Egencia, your business will have access to both an extensive, better value hotel supply and duty of care technology in one easy-to-use solution. What's more, with Egencia Analytics Studio you can manage and monitor your travel program spend and track your travelers, all in the same visual reporting tool – putting control of both spend and risk management at your fingertips.

Whatever your industry, an extensive choice of supply is vital for savings, traveler satisfaction, and speed. If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel you didn’t love because it was the only convenient place or the very cheapest option, you’ll understand the importance of supply. Don’t give your travelers six options, give them 650,000 — and make it personal. While choice can be overwhelming for some, we optimize your search results, so you can save your travelers’ time, stress, and reduce scroll-ache. Egencia Smart Mix uses machine learning to help customers get preferred, relevant content at the top of the results list. Let your travelers book a hotel, car or train in less than four minutes, and a flight in less than five.  

Want to check if your business is getting the best value from its TMC? Download the business travel savings checklist.

Balancing savings with value for money

The importance of delivering business travel savings within your travel program depends on your organization’s culture and priorities. For many businesses, savings are a big deal, but better value for money is critical.

You need to ask yourself, which is ultimately better for your business: making sure your lead salespeople can stay in the cheapest hotel possible for three nights? Or working with a travel management company (TMC) that supports them to stay in a great hotel, for a lower rate than publicly available, with a flexible cancellation policy, and perks like free Wi-Fi and breakfast as part of their overall hotel booking?

Egencia Savings Finder for Hotel makes it easier to balance value with savings, delivering an average saving of 7 percent per optimized hotel booking.* Let’s say you’ve found and booked your ideal hotel, and maybe savings weren’t even the priority. With our Savings Finder technology, the very same room you’ve booked will be automatically re-booked at a lower rate, should a better price become available.

How flexibility helps you stretch your travel spend

As part of our comprehensive supply, we offer over 35,000 hotels with Egencia Preferred Rates (EPR). These special rates are not available to any other TMCs and include amenities such as flexible cancellation policies and breakfast. In fact, a massive 87 percent of our properties have better rate plans with a cancellation policy of 24 hour or less, something that is particularly important during evolving situations like the COVID-19 crisis.

“Another thing that Egencia offers is all the different hotels that you guys have that supplement my preferred hotels. The closest other company out there has about 70,000; you guys have over 500,000, which is brilliant. And here’s the brilliant thing about Egencia and the rate of return on investment that we get from you guys, the fee structure’s low, and what we make up in unused ticket management pays for it, so it’s fantastic.”

- JJ Giachetti, corporate travel manager at Umpqua Bank

Aligning with your negotiated rates

Your business may already be taking strides to deliver excellent value accommodation and savings with negotiated hotel deals. That’s great news. Now, we can help you to take these rates even further, like when we saved Skyjack an additional 10 percent on its negotiated hotel program.

With Egencia, we display your negotiated corporate rates alongside Egencia Preferred rates, plus further accommodations that are available to the wider public. These hotels and accommodations are all accessible from the same place, across multiple devices, anywhere and anytime. Meaning you can save your business travelers’ time, take advantage of our supplier relationships, and reduce out of program booking without missing out on good deals available to the public. Your travelers won’t need to look beyond what’s available in the solution, which means greater online adoption, less leakage, and better visibility and reporting of booked travel, spend, and compliance.

Greater online adoption also means that your business will get an overall view of traveler behavior. This view includes reporting on where travelers have been, and where they’re scheduled to be, which is critical for duty of care provision and risk management planning.

Supply for satisfaction

A vast supply is an obvious benefit for driving traveler satisfaction and productivity too; a wider selection of options means it’s more likely for your travelers to find the perfect fit for their needs and their company’s travel budget.

“Traveler satisfaction has a big impact on the quality of the work in our company. They’re spending a lot of nights in hotels. They need to feel comfortable, so, [they] don’t ask themselves: Well, why do I stay in this hotel? Do I even have the right job?”

- Dr. Christian Spieker, head of corporate services at Zeb

**Figures between 26/11/2019- 06/03/2020

Savings Checklist

Download our essential checklist for business travel savings to discover missed savings opportunities, and find out why an extensive supply is just one way to save on business travel.

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