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Simplifying complex travel programs

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Posted: 18 December 2019

As employees demand better travel experiences and travel managers expect more data and increased rates of compliance, the use of multiple booking tools and travel management solutions is no longer a viable strategy. This is true even if those separate booking tools are available through a single interface.

If you’re a travel manager, you may struggle with the complexity of overseeing and optimizing corporate travel in multiple countries or continents. Using a variety of travel providers in different locations and relying on disconnected online and offline booking methods reduces visibility into travel spend and patterns. This can limit an organization’s potential for negotiating the best rates, the ability to centralize its data to find savings opportunities, and make the day-to-day management of global travel programs difficult.

The answer is a global business travel platform that enables the optimization of complex travel programs. Our platform connects all travel touch points and spans every device used by travelers, travel managers and arrangers, and other corporate stakeholders. It collects travel data and enables sophisticated reporting and analysis. The unified platform enables you to benefit from greater visibility into travel spend and policy compliance in all your markets.

Read the report from Alex Kaluzny, Egencia senior vice president and chief technology officer, on how a single travel platform helps global organizations build travel programs for any region, anywhere in the world.

Download the white paper