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CASE STUDY Capgemini

Making an international reality show a reality

1 min
Information Technology



IT powerhouse Capgemini hosts The Capgemini Super Techies Show, a reality program that gives tech ninjas the chance to showcase their expertise for a global audience.


Arrange transit and lodging for contestants, Fortune 500 judges, employees, and film crew, traveling from everywhere to Mumbai, where the show is produced.


Egencia agents worked tirelessly to make the show a reality—we organized travel to and from the far corners of the globe and booked exceptional hotel blocks in a tight market. With our advantageous merchant rates and air-travel flexibility, we were able to consolidate expenses, negotiate better rates, and ensure the secure arrival of everyone associated with The Capgemini Super Techies Show.


The result of this work was deeper engagement—Capgemini now trusts Egencia to manage travel for its select Advisor’s Group of top clients, and we’ll continue to ensure the seamless execution of the popular The Capgemini Super Techies Show. Egencia’s business travel solutions fuse technology with agent-assisted service to meet the needs of your company. We offer your travelers robust hotel, airline and rental car deals to book themselves — online, via our app, or with the help of an Egencia Travel Consultant. Read the full story here