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Lost in transit? Egencia® App solves "last mile" hassles by connecting with Uber and Citymapper

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Posted: 24 February 2016
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LONDON, Feb. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Egencia® App app now solves "last mile" hassles for business travelers with personalized information and choice for selecting the best route and ground transportation options throughout their journey. The most recent Egencia Business and Travel Technology Study revealed that travelers are wasting time grappling with ground transport and don't always have the information they need to choose wisely. For 45 per cent of business travelers around the globe, arranging ground transportation is the most frustrating part of booking their own travel. Frustrated, unaware of other options or pressed for time, 70 per cent of these business travelers choose to default to the taxi line at the airport as the easiest way to find their way around an unfamiliar city. To make this part of the journey better, Egencia® App is now connecting with Uber and Citymapper to surface personalized journeys directly to the traveler. At every stage of the trip, the traveler sees an in-app summary of ground transportation options. Whether by car, walking or public transportation, these options automatically use the address or location of the traveler's next step in the trip. Without having to enter details, the traveler gets the time to destination and estimated costs and is seamlessly delivered the information they need to get them on their way. Michael Gulmann, Vice President of Global Product and Marketing at Egencia explains, "Business travelers turn to Egencia for end-to-end booking solutions. By partnering with trusted mobile apps we provide personalized options for getting around, right within Egencia® App. We are committed to exploring technology solutions to help travelers with the challenges they face: busy schedules, complying with corporate policy and staying efficient without wasting time wandering around or waiting in lines." "Traveling for work can be stressful and often business travelers can feel 'lost in transit' when they arrive in a new city. Now with the Uber and Egencia App integration, they can easily navigate a new destination and have the peace of mind that a reliable ride is just a tap away," says Max Crowley, Uber for Business. To see how the new Ground Transportation options work on Egencia® TripNavigator for iPhone, download the app here, available globally. For more information and a live demo visit the Egencia booth B435 at the Business Travel Show in London, February 24-25.

About Egencia Egencia makes business travel better by making it more connected and complete. Egencia puts travelers at the heart of business travel, continuously supporting them with solutions that are more engaging and effective. Driven by consumer insights and technology investments from parent company, the Expedia group, Egencia connects everything travelers need – content, technology, service and reporting – in one place. Egencia provides services in 65 countries.

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About the Egencia Business and Travel Technology Study This study was conducted on behalf of Egencia by Northstar, a globally integrated strategic insights consulting firm. The study was conducted among 6,072 international business travellers who travelled at least 2 times in the past year. The survey was conducted in 12 markets: UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, China, Australia, India, USA and Canada. Surveys were completed online from January 7-22, 2016.

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