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Get ready for business travel

Posted: 09 August 2021
Business Traveler Arriving at International Airport

Starting or restarting your business travel program? A travel management company (TMC) can help you enforce your travel policy, save on travel costs, and minimize risk.

Working with a TMC can also give you access to in-depth reporting so you can find additional savings opportunities and increase compliance. Plus, having everything in one place means you can finally eliminate those complicated booking and approval processes.

For business leaders, the advantages of managed travel are straightforward.

But what about travelers?

If you want your global business travel program to succeed, you need to consider their needs. Travelers want to feel confident and supported as soon as they begin their search, all the way through to their return home.

Booking business trips should take minutes, not hours, while making changes to an airline or hotel reservation should be a few simple clicks. Travelers are also more likely to adopt a new tool that offers personalized travel options and the ability to book and update their travel at their desk or from the mobile app.

In this 30-minute demo, our expert will take you through the fundamentals of Egencia’s travel management platform. Get a step-by-step view of the user-friendly booking tools and risk management features.

See how you and your travelers can benefit from:

  • Inventory that rivals leisure travel options
  • Cross-device booking on desktop and mobile
  • Duty of care tools for fast tracking and communication

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