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GBTA 2018—Egencia brings tech, data, and confessions to San Diego

Posted: 29 August 2018
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Whether you flew, rented a scooter or rode in an Egencia pedicab to GBTA last week, chances are you were busy from the moment you stepped into the San Diego Convention Center for the 50th annual convention. If you didn’t have time to see it all, we’ve recapped what you may have missed!   Live Demonstrations Reporting dashboards may be more accessible than ever, but how do they help you understand and tell the story behind your travel program? We were proud to announce Egencia® Analytics Studio last week and help bridge the gap between your data and program goals. If you missed the live presentations at our booth last week and would like to see the studio in action, fill out the form to schedule a demo.   Education Panels Egencia managed three sessions at GBTA this year, here’s a recap on what was presented:
  • Unlock Savings Through Traveler Satisfaction: In an industry infamous for hidden fees and costly upgrades, travel managers from Tapestry and Accor Hotels shared their tricks for capturing all spend while continuing to drive savings and compliance.
  • Is Bigger Better? The Impact of Industry Consolidation: Today’s world is no stranger to consolidation, you can read more about the effect on travel programs here. In this panel, executives from Egencia, Best Western and Enterprise discuss their motivations behind mergers and acquisitions and the impact they can have on businesses.
  • Confessions from corporate travel managers: Travel managers from Manpower, Tableau and Shopify share what they’ve learned from evolving roles, a changing industry and travelers that want it all.
  Whether you’d like to see a demo, learn about one of our sessions, or just want to make sure you’re on the guest list for our GBTA party next year, fill out the form to connect with us!

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