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Supplier Spotlight: Q&A with Enterprise

2 min
Posted: 16 November 2020
Business Travel Management QA With Enterprise

Most business travel experts agree on two things:

  • Predicting exactly when the travel industry will recover is impossible.
  • Work trips today are more likely to be domestic than international.

With business travel occurring closer to home, some corporate travelers are opting to drive instead of fly. If you haven’t rented a car in a few months, you might be wondering what the process looks like now. What contactless rental options are available? What safety protocols are in place? How are car rental companies making sure their employees follow those protocols? 

Jennifer Déjoué, Egencia’s Director of Car Strategy, sat down with Rob Connors, Enterprise’s VP of Business Development, to ask him to walk us through the car rental process today. In our “Supplier Spotlight: Q&A with Enterprise,” Connors covers some of the biggest changes the rental company has made to build trust with business travelers and travel managers. 

“The most impactful thing is that we’ve implemented the Complete Clean Pledge globally at all of our locations and brands,” said Connors. “Basically, the Complete Clean Pledge says that we’re going to make sure you feel safe in our location … and you’re going to feel safe when you get into the rental car.” 

Hygiene and safety measures are critical, but the way information is communicated is equally as important. 

“We’ve taken a number of steps to make sure that our employees are well versed in this,” explained Connors. “We’ve made sure that we’ve communicated this clearly to our partners like Egencia as well as to our travel managers. We’ve also put a lot of signage at our locations. We want customers to feel good when they get there, knowing that we’ve implemented all of these safety measures and, on the back end, that we’re making sure they’re actually done.”

Watch the 30-minute Q&A with Enterprise to get additional insights on the following: 

  • What corporate travel managers can do right now to prepare for returning to travel;
  • What safety and hygiene protocols are in place today; 
  • What new products Enterprise is working on for business travelers; and
  • Which COVID-19-related changes are temporary and which may be here to stay.

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