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Watch this two minute video to learn how to maximize your Egencia profile for faster booking.

Video: Booking a Hotel on Egencia

Watch this short video to learn how to leverage search filters to find your next hotel faster.

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Travel Essentials

Welcome Aboard Egencia

Tips & Tricks for Planning, Booking and Managing Your Corporate Travel

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Getting Started with Egencia

►1. How to Log-in to Egencia

The Egencia site is located here: Please bookmark this link for easy reference. For security purposes you will be prompted to change your password, upon log-in.


►2. Setting Up Your Profile on Egencia

Watch this four minute video to learn how to maximize your Egencia profile for faster booking.

Please review your complete profile to ensure information and preferences are up to date by clicking My Profile (appearing at the top of every page).

  • Personal Information: Enter your contact information, emergency contact and TSA Secure Flight data. Change your e-mail address at any time, select HTML or text formatting; indicate if you would like to receive business-pertinent news from Egencia.
  • Payment Options: If your company requires that you use a credit card for any purchases, store your corporate credit card and billing address. For security purposes, the billing address must match your credit card statement exactly or the site will not allow you to store the card.
  • Travel Preferences: Specify your flight, hotel and car preferences - including frequent flyer information and home airport
  • Egencia On the Go: Sign up to receive alerts about flight status, gate changes and delays via e-mail, voice phone or text or enable calendar synch to stay on top of your latest travel information right from your calendar.
  • Travel Arranging & Approval: Allow colleagues to book travel on your behalf

►3. Entering Your Credit Card Information on Egencia

If your company uses central billing, the following information will not apply for you. For security purposes, you will need to update your credit card information.


►4. Egencia on the Go Mobile Trip Alerts

Egencia On the Go Mobile Trip Alerts: Flight status alerts sent right to your mobileKeep on top of the latest information impacting your business travel, including flight delays and gate changes with mobile trip alerts.

How to Set Up Your Trip Alerts

1. On the Profile overview page locate Egencia on the Go and click on Flight alerts. From here, click Add Contact.

2. Type in the name of the contact and then select the preferred delivery method. Options include e-mail, voice mail or mobile text message. You can create up to eight contacts and a communication preference for each. There is a maximum of two voice contacts.

3. You can then select which of the seven alerts you would like for each contact to receive. Click Add Contact and you are ready to hit the road.

4. Click Add Contact and you are ready to hit the road.

►5. Egencia on the Go Calendar Notifications

Up-to-date travel information synchronized with your calendar: easily manage your travel alongside other business appointments.

How to Set Up Calendar Synchronization

1. On the Profile overview page locate Egencia on the Go and click on Calendar Synch Settings.

2. Check the box to have calendar sync emails sent to you and click Save Settings.

►6. TSA Secure Flight Data

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Secure Flight program is now in effect for all US domestic airlines. To ensure you have a smooth travel experience, Egencia automatically transmits your Secure Flight Program Data to the airlines. To protect your privacy, all data (excluding the name field) will be masked when a colleague is arranging travel on your behalf.

It is important to note that a travelers full name on their Egencia profile should match their name exactly as it appears on the government-issued identification card he or she plans to use when traveling. For example if a driver's license is issued to John E. Doe, the name on their Egencia Profile should not be listed as John Edward Doe. This will ensure that the name on the itinerary matches their ID at check-in. . Also, to continue to earn credit on your air, car and hotel loyalty programs, update your name with these programs to match your ID.

How to Update Your TSA Secure Flight Data

1. On the Profile overview page locate Personal Information and click on TSA Secure Flight.

2. Enter your full name (as it appears on your ID), gender and date of birth and click Save Settings.

Booking Air Travel on Egencia

►1. Seat Selection Tips & Tricks

Seasoned business travelers know that the right seat selection can make the difference between four hours of productivity or four hours of aviation agony in a non-reclining middle seat. Here are a few tips to find the best seat on your next flight:

Designate Your Status in Your Profile to View Preferred Seating
It's important to specify your status tier in addition to your frequent flyer number within your Egencia profile. For example, select Delta Gold Medallion rather than Delta SkyMiles, from the drop down menu. Otherwise the preferred seating options will show as not available to you.

1. On the Profile overview page locate Travel Preferences and click on Frequent traveler accounts.

2. Select the appropriate program, such as Delta Gold Medallion.

3. Indicate if you have access to preferred seating by checking the box.

4. Click Add Frequent Flyer Account to save your changes.

Leverage SeatGuru to Find the Best Seat
To access SeatGuru content within the Egencia site, click the "seat availability" link under each flight search result.
In the seat map view, look for symbols indicating where reviews are available and if the seat has been reviewed with a good, poor or mixed rating. When you mouse over the seat, a pop-up window will provide seat specific information such as power source availability, video configuration and seat reviews from fellow travelers.

►2. Using Filters to Find the Right Flight Faster

Watch this 4 minute video to learn how to use flight search filters to find the best flight faster.

Filters are displayed next to flight results:

  • Airlines
  • Departure time
  • Stops
  • Nearby airports
  • Connection cities

►3. Exchanging Tickets Online

Exchanging tickets on line with Egencia is easy.

1. Open the itinerary you would like to change and select the change this flight option.

2. Select a new flight option.

3. Review your cost summary. When a credit is due, you will be directed to call an Egencia Travel Consultant to complete the transaction.

►4. Tracking Unused Tickets with Egencia

You can view your unused tickets in the unused ticket panel on your Egencia site.

►5. Redeeming Unused Tickets with Egencia

If you have unused tickets, you will be asked if you would like to redeem them when purchasing a new flight.

►6. Holding a Reservation Online

A reservation may be held until midnight (PT) the day after your reservation is completed. Please note that pricing may fluctuate until the ticket is purchased.

►7. Voiding A Ticket

If the carrier allows, tickets can be cancelled with no fee by midnight the day after booking.

►8. The Egencia Flight Price Promise

We want you to be able to focus on your business, not your business travel. You should feel confident that you're getting the best rate for your company at Egencia. Since actions do speak louder than words, Egencia has created the Flight Price Guarantee. If you find a lower fare for flights booked through Egencia, we will cancel the flight you booked and rebook you on the less expensive flight for no charge. If there's no availability on the cheaper flight, we will refund the difference. Learn more about Egencia's Flight Price Guarantee here.

►9. Booking International Travel

Egencia Online is able to make both domestic and international reservations. For more complex international travel containing five or more destinations, or travel to Asia, Africa or the Middle East, contact an Egencia Travel Consultant for assistance.

►10. Planning A Trip with Colleagues

Traveler-friendly tools make collaborating with fellow travelers, easy, efficient and fun. The time-saving, trip-sharing and organizational tools for arrangers and travelers enable the reviewing, sharing, and coordinating of complex and small group trips.

Trip collaboration tools keep the lines of communication open for group travelers, allowing you to:

  • Add travelers
  • View itinerary details
  • Share notes
  • E-mail travelers
  • Copy items or entire trips

To create a group trip, click the invite others link from your itinerary.

The e-mail invitation to your colleague can be customized.

Once travelers have been added to a trip, you can view the group from your itinerary.

Seat Pinpointer displays the location of fellow travelers on the aircraft’s seat map, if travelers are on a shared group itinerary and on the same flight.

Booking a Hotel on Egencia

►1. The Egencia Hotel Shopping Experience

We recently revamped our hotel shopping experience based on customer feedback. It is now easier to find the right hotel for your trip based on the hotel amenities. Learn more in this overview or in this five minute video.

►2. Search Near an Address, Airport or Company Location

You can being your hotel search by specifying a location such as an address, airport or custom destinations set up by your company (such as your office locations).

►3. Hotel Search Filters

You can quickly filter your search results by clicking the filter icon on the right of your results:

Possible filters include price, star rating and amenities. This is a quick way to ensure you can get free WiFi, parking, breakfast or that the hotel has a fitness center. Click apply filters and your hotel results will update.

►4. Leverage TripAdvisor to Find the Right Hotel

Once you click on a hotel, go to the reviews link to see TripAdvisor reviews for that property.

Booking a Rental Car on Egencia

►1. How to Book a Car

Begin by selecting the Cars Tab. Select Rental Car or Towncar/Limo (if applicable). Specify your pick-up and drop-off locations and dates. You can target your search by car class or car rental company.

Most of the time you will pay for the car rental and obtain your receipt at the car rental location, when returning your rental car. In some cases, such as low inventory or premium car rentals, car vendors will require a credit card when making a reservation.

►2. Your Company's Preferred Car Suppliers

If your company has agreements with particular car rental partners, these rates will be marked with the gold medal. Negotiated rates are identified with the handshake symbol.

►3. Booking Special Equipment

To locate special rental car equipment options, such as navigational equipment, click the show special equipment link. Please note that requests for navigational equipment do not guarantee that the car rental provider will have it available.

Booking Amtrak Train Travel on Egencia

►1. Starting a Train Search

Begin by selecting the Trains Tab either on your Egencia homepage or from the top navigational link.

If you do not see a trains tab on your Egencia site, please contact your company's Travel Manager to enable this feature.

►2. Search for Trains by City, Station Name or Station Code

Mouse over the Train search tips information link to access helpful information for popular Amtrak train station searches.

Search for a train station by city, train station name, or by 3-character station code (NYP).

►3. Your Train Search Results

A train search on Egencia will show up to the full day's schedule of available Amtrak trains on a single screen.

  • Easier and quicker versus having to click through multiple pages of Amtrak results to find the train you want.
  • For example, returns only 10 options per page. To see more options, an user would need to perform up to 4 additional clicks for a one-way trip and up to 8 for a roundtrip booking.

  • You can also quickly compare different classes of service, such as coach vs. business class

  • Trains can be booked up to 15 minutes prior to departure.
  • Please note, if you company has an Amtrak negotiated rate agreement, this rate will show on the final check-out page (not the search or summary pages).

►4. Printing Your Ticket at an Amtrak Quick-Trak Kiosk

The "print view" of your Trains itinerary features Amtrak's Quik-Trak barcode. Travelers can scan this barcode at Amtrak station kiosks to quickly print their tickets without waiting in line.

►5. Adding Your Amtrak Guest Rewards Number

You can store your Amtrak Guest Rewards Number within your Egencia Profile under Traveler Preferences>Frequent Traveler Accounts (see "Getting Started with Egencia" section above, #2 for more information).

For more information about booking train travel, download the Amtrak Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

Egencia Mobile

►New Egencia TripNavigator App for iPhone - Free For Egencia Clients

Flight and destination alerts, online check-in, maps and customer support are always a touch away to help you travel more efficiently, smartly, and safely.

Egencia is pleased to announce the launch of new mobile features and capabilities for business travelers and corporate clients. The first release of Egencia TripNavigator includes real-time travel alerts, flight/transportation displays, online check-in and other functionalities for the iPhone. TripNavigator is just one more example of the continuous travel management innovations you enjoy as an Egencia customer. Available now for free at the Apple AppStore.

Arranging Travel for Others

►1. How to Grant Permission to Someone to Arrange Travel for You

If you are set up as a Traveler, locate the My Arrangers link from your traveler profile.

To add an arranger, type the first few letters of the first and last name. A similar name list will appear with email address as a unique identifier.

Click add and the Arranger will be set up to book travel on your behalf.

►2. How to Request Permission to Arrange Travel for Others

To request permission to book travel for others, go to my travelers from the Travel Arranging and Approving section of your Egencia profile.

Type in the first and last name of the traveler and click add.

Once completed, you will receive confirmation that your request has been sent to the traveler.

►3. How to Book Travel for Your Travelers

It's important to log in as yourself when booking travel for others. When you sign in, you will see a drop-down box with the travelers that have selected you. Select the appropriate traveler and proceed. The reservation will be made in that traveler�s name.

E-mail confirmations for travel will be sent to both you and the traveler.

►4. How to Book Travel for Multiple Travelers at Once

Traveler-friendly tools make collaborating with fellow travelers, easy, efficient and fun. The time-saving, trip-sharing and organizational tools for arrangers and travelers enable the reviewing, sharing, and coordinating of complex and small group trips. Trip collaboration tools keep the lines of communication open for group travelers, allowing you to:

  • Add travelers
  • View itinerary details
  • Share notes
  • E-mail travelers
  • Copy items or entire trips

You can invite colleagues to a group trip by clicking the invite others link.

You can then customize the invitation to your colleague.

►5. Booking Guest Travel

To begin a booking, choose the guest account from the "select travelers" menu.

After selecting flights, car and/or hotel, the purchase (or reservation) screen will allow you to enter an individual traveler's name and information. These itineraries will then appear in the Guest Type's Trip menu, as they would for any other traveler.

After a guest account type is created, it can be managed in the Guest Account List under the "user list".

Locating Receipts

►1. Locating Air Receipts

Receipts for air tickets can be found on our Egencia site by opening your itinerary and clicking Receipt on the Traveler Trips Menu.

►2. Locating Hotel Receipts

When booking a negotiated or published rate hotel, you will receive your hotel receipt for room, tax and incidentals upon check-out. When booking an Expedia Special Rate or Egencia Preferred Rate, you will only receive a receipt from the hotel for any incidentals. Please note that for Egencia Preferred Rates and Expedia Special Rates, you will be charged for the full stay room and tax on the morning of check-in.

You can obtain your receipt for room and tax on Egencia, by opening your itinerary and clicking Receipt on the Trip Tools Menu.

►3. Locating Car Rental Receipts

Receipts for rental cars are provided by the car rental vendor when the rental car is returned.

Frequently Asked Questions about Booking Air Travel

Q. Why can the price of my flight reservation change before ending my reservation?

A. Pricing is not guaranteed with the airlines until you complete the transaction. Another traveler may have booked the last discounted seat prior to your ending the reservation and therefore you will receive the next available fare level for your flight. Learn more about how airline pricing works.

Q. How can I select preferred seating available through my frequent flier status?

A. It's important to specify your status tier in addition to your frequent flyer number within your Egencia profile. For example if you are a Delta Gold Medallion member, select this option from the drop down rather than Delta SkyMiles. Otherwise the preferred seating options will show as not available. It is also important to check the box indicating that you have access to preferred seating.

Q. When is my reservation ticketed if I book online?

A. Reservations are electronically processed by Egencia immediately. Once you have completed and ended your reservation, you will receive a confirmation number. A ticket number is assigned to your reservation by the airline within 24 hours. You can review your updated reservation at any time by choosing, MY TRIPS, in Egencia. Please review any penalty restrictions that may apply to your ticket.